Welcome to Royal Registan

Rajasthan: Land of Royals

Rajasthan, India’s largest and most vibrant state- Takes you on a journey, unforgettable. 

The land of legends charms every soul with its rich history, majestic, monuments, colorful culture, lively festivals and adventurous gateways. From the height of a royal fort, into the depths of an age old tradition…from a run in the wild, to a stroll in the desert – Rajasthan takes you around an experience at every step. There is a certain magic about traveling through Rajasthan, which in unequalled by any other place in the world. . It is a land of superlatives . . . everything here is breathtakingly beautiful, impressive and fascinating. It is packed with history, art and culture that goes back several centuries.


Rajasthan where the mood and rhythm is so overpowering that it impresses even the most seasoned traveler. It has rightly been called a huge open air museum where the relics of a golden past have been carefully preserved for the benefits of future generation.


Rajasthan is located on the western part of India covering the complete arid desert zone and part of semi-arid climate zones. Rajputana of old is the land of people who are brave and chivalrous, people with a warlike lifestyle around whom grew the most amazing legend of romance and heroism.


Pink palaces and preening peacocks, silent sun baked forts that appear like mirages, still blue lakes in a vast sea of burning sand, bazaars blossom with bargains, proud turbaned heads and swirling skirts describes Rajasthan a legendary land that lives up to the romance and history spelt by its name .Women who sacrificed their lives and people who toiled triumphantly to wrest a living from this barren inhospitable desert are all part of this glorious land. If one half of the state seems a vast sea rocks and sand dunes, the other half flaunts dense forests teeming with wildlife.


Colourful Rajasthans