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Bundi district nestle in the narrow valley, enclosed by huge walls and fortified by four gateways. A mediaeval fort stands sentinel to the city, a mute witness to history and time. Blessed by the bounty of nature, the land is crisscrossed with sparkling rivers, lakes and spellbinding waterfalls. The verdant greenery of nature plays host to varied and rare flora and fauna.


Bundi maintained its independence even after the rise of the Kota, but ultimately in 1818 it had to succumb to the British and signed a treaty, like all other Rajput states.


Home to magnificent palaces and imposing forts, it has witnessed great battles and legendary tales of velour. Bundi was named after a Meena chieftain Bunda. Bundi, located only 35 km northwest of Kota, has retained medieval flavor Frozen in time for the traveller.


The small winding lanes of its bazaars and its intricate paintings are just fascinating. The district’s most notable feature is the large number of step-wells (bawadis) with their unique architecture designs and architecture, symbolized the refined taste of the people of the time. The 3- day Bundi Utsav in November is a spectacle of a glorious heritage of the Hadoti region